Phoenix Logistics and Warehouse Services

Phoenix Warehouse, Trucking and Logistics Services

Weber Logistics' Phoenix logistics services and warehouse is located in Tolleson, AZ, just west of Phoenix. The facility is an AIB-certified, temperature-controlled food-grade warehouse that stores candy and other food products, as well as consumer goods. In addition to warehousing, our logistics services in Phoenix also include trucking. Weber's fleet of dry and refrigerated trucks can do region-wide deliveries to your customers in the Phoenix market.

Advantages of Weber's Phoenix Logistics Services

  • Excellent Phoenix, AZ warehouse location.   Located on the I-10 within 25 minutes of Sky Harbor Airport. 
  • Confectionery logistics. This Arizona warehouse does local retail deliveries for multiple candy manufacturers.
  • Integrated warehousing and trucking services.  Customers use Weber trucking services in Phoenix to deliver shipments, including chilled freight, to area retailers. 
  • Value-added warehouse services.  Variety of postponement activities performed, including kitting services, club pack assembly, and POP display assembly. 

Weber combines all services to deliver a single-source logistics solution located in Phoenix.  The Weber web portal gives you visibility to your inventory throughout the distribution cycle.     

Phoenix Warehouse Facility Details

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