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Weber’s Value-Added 3PL Warehouse Solutions are:

Nimble.  Whether it’s a new size, a new kit, a new label, or reworked packaging, boost your reputation with fast, accurate responses to customer requests. 

Economical.  It’s cheaper to do labor-intensive work in the warehouse than the factory. Weber can do final packaging, labeling, and price ticketing to prepare your products for retail sale.

Responsive.  Use Weber to quickly marshal the resources for unexpected projects like repacking or relabeling.
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For a consumer products importer, a team of trained associates does final assembly of cooler bags to reduce storage and freight costs by over $500,000.  Read the case study.

Examples of Value-Added Warehousing Services

Kitting and Assembly Services

  • kittingWeber can create a wide variety of finished items, including club packs, sample packs, holiday baskets, literature kits and point of purchase displays.
  • Our robust WMS system enables us to pick components and then add finished products into inventory.
  • Learn more about Weber’s kitting and assembly services

Inventory postponement

  • Weber can help you save time and money by performing final product configuration in the warehouse.
  • Our exacting processes for quality assurance enable you to create a more responsive supply chain that adapts quickly to market changes without any reduction in quality.
  • Learn more about Weber postponement services


Labeling and Ticketing Services

  • Relabel-1Weber can affix labels and price tickets on your products, whether the labels are produced by us or provided by you.
  • Labeling and ticketing services are performed in compliance with retailer specifications.

Display building

  • Weber can build point-of-purchase displays on demand.
  • We use customer components to build a variety of displays (e.g., power wings, multi-packs, display caddies, clip strips, quarter pallets), while maintaining proper lot code markings and implementing strict quality assurance protocols.


Repackaging and damage handling

  • RepackagingWeber can repackage damaged products to avoid unnecessary inventory waste.
  • We can also perform repackaging to assist with new rebranding efforts.

Product testing and Quality Management

  • Weber can perform product sampling and quality control measures related to item numbers, lot codes, expiration dates and more – with processes overseen by our internal Quality department.
  • Our systems enable product status changes and quality audits, and allow our customers to put items on hold as necessary.


Gift message printing

  • Weber can set up additional printing devices at packout stations to print gift messages, notecards and other types of messaging.

Advantages of Weber's Value-Added Services (VAS):

  • Reduce inventory by postponing final assembly and packaging until just prior to shipment. 
  • Manage costs by scaling back labor when high-volume, special projects are completed.
  • Create “new” items from multiple individual items with Weber’s custom kitting and assembly services.
  • Maintain 24/7 visibility of your products and components as they move through the supply chain using Weber’s systems and customer portal.

Need Value-Added Warehousing services?

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