Our Cross Dock Warehouse Solution is:

Fast. Reduce touch points and time to market.

Cost-Effective.  Avoid the time and costs associated with warehouse storage, putaway and picking. 

Flexible.  Cross dock a wide range of products, whether CPG, food and candy, or chemical and hazmat

Tightly integrated.  We work closely with trucking partners to precisely coordinate the timing of inbound and outbound moves.

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One of the world’s largest candy companies ships freight via linehaul to Weber cross dock warehouses on the West Coast, where we sort product and manage final mile deliveries to area retailers.

Advantages of Weber Cross Dock Warehouse Services:

  • Get products to market faster.
  • Reduce costs by avoiding traditional storage.  
  • Protect product integrity – many Weber cross dock facilities are temperature controlled to maintain your cold chain requirements.
  • Transload freight from containers or rail cars to trailers.  


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