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Weber’s Temperature-Controlled Warehousing Solution is:

Safe and Compliant.  We have rigorous quality control processes to maintain the quality and integrity of your temperature-sensitive products. 

Flexible. Use Weber to combine storage and final delivery services into an integrated cold chain distribution solution.  Our food-grade warehouses allow you to economically manage volume fluctuations, expanding or contracting space as needed. 

Organic-certified.  We meet all the requirements to store organic products.

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Weber provides an integrated storage and delivery solution for an airline supply chain service provider's wide range of multi-temp products.  Read the case study.

Advantages of Weber Food-Grade Warehouse Services:

  • Reduce distribution costs by sharing overhead at our multi-client food warehouses. In addition, Weber’s LTL retail distribution service may be able to combine your outbound freight with other food customers going to the same grocery chains and mass retailers.  This freight consolidation strategy can turn your costly LTL freight into lower-cost TL shipments.   
  • Protect the integrity of your products at Weber’s AIB-certified, food-grade warehouse facilities.
  • Maintain 24/7 visibility of your products as they move throughout the supply chain using Weber’s systems and customer portal.

Features of Food-Grade Warehouse Storage with Weber

  • Food-grade warehouses in Los Angeles and Stockton California areas
  • All facilities AIB-certified
  • Ambient, chilled and frozen space available
  • Automated temperature monitoring – out of spec readings trigger immediate pager messages
  • Warehouses certified to handle organic products
  • Co-location of many food and grocery customers reduces freight costs through freight consolidation

Need Temperature Controlled Warehousing?

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