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Weber’s Transloading Services Are:

Fast.  We’ll strip containers quickly and get them back to the terminal to avoid penalties.

Integrated.  Weber can pick up your container, unload it at our local warehouse, put it onto a Weber truck, and handle final delivery.

Close to ports. The proximity of Weber warehouses to California ports means you can get products to market faster.

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For a major manufacturer of confectionery products, Weber receives rail containers of temp-controlled products from around the country, unloads them at a Weber warehouse in L.A., stores them awaiting outbound orders, and then loads trucks for final delivery. 

Advantages of Weber’s Transloading Services:

  • Speed distribution cycle time and improve your cash flow.
  • Reduce dray costs since many Weber DCs are located minutes from major West Coast ports.  
  • Eliminate errors and delays – when you use Weber to handle all 3PL services between the port and the final mile, you remove the communication and coordination errors that result from working with multiple providers.

Need California Transloading Services?

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In our West Coast Logistics Blog, Weber Logistics experts provide  tips to optimize your supply chain in the West.

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