Weber’s Kitting Services Are:

Flexible.  Quickly respond to demands from retailers and internal customers.

Full service.  Weber creates a wide variety of finished items, including club packs, sample packs, holiday baskets, literature kits and point of purchase displays.

Expert.  Weber industrial engineers and warehouse operators regularly design efficient build processes for kitting and other product completion projects, including SOP development, training, and quality assurance. 



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For a multi-brand consumer products company, Weber creates kits to support seasonal marketing programs (e.g., combining small dorm room appliances into one ‘College Combo’ kit for back to school campaigns).       

Advantages of Weber Kitting Services:

  • Respond quickly to special projects and last-minute requirements – Weber’s experience in building kits allows us to quickly train a team to execute the project quickly. 
  • Maintain visibility and control using Weber’s advanced 3PL systems for logistics management.  Track inventory at the component and finished product level throughout the kitting process. 
  • Economically manage labor costs using Weber’s engineered processes to make the most efficient use of labor.


In our West Coast Logistics Blog, Weber Logistics experts provide  tips to optimize your supply chain in the West.

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