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About weber

In logistics, as in most things, it’s impossible to be great everywhere at everything.  At Weber, our strength is our focus – flexible, scalable supply chain solutions in California and the Western U.S.  We leverage an extensive warehouse network and truck fleet in California to get your products to market faster.  That makes your customers happy and shortens your cash cycle. 


Weber Logistics was founded in 1924 when Los Angeles entrepreneur Karl Weber expanded his Weber Showcase & Fixture Company into the world of third-party warehousing and distribution services.

That same entrepreneurial spirit, that same commitment to excellence is alive today as Weber Logistics has become the West Coast’s premier provider of integrated logistics services.  Stable enough to survive and thrive for nearly a century, vibrant enough to stay relevant as the industry continues to evolve. 

What Sets Us Apart?

  • il_top100_3pl_logo_2023_72dpiDeep market understanding.  We’ve been managing the flow of goods to and from Western U.S. markets since 1924.
  • Big logistics, without the big hassles. We combine sophisticated, technology-aided solutions with an easy working style you won’t get from larger, more bureaucratic 3PLs.
  • Temperature-controlled storage and delivery.  We operate the only time-defined, asset-based, temperature-controlled LTL freight network in the Western U.S.
  • Vendor compliance.  We specialize in helping small to mid-sized consumer product companies reduce chargebacks from big box retailers and Amazon.   
  • Single-source logistics solution for West Coast importers.   Our integrated services include drayage, warehousing, and final delivery to retailers.   

How We Think

  • Logistics Solutions.  Many 3PLs want to plug you into an existing solution they claim is “proven.”   We believe the right solution for you is not the same as your competitor’s approach.  So, we start with a clean slate.   We don’t design a solution FOR you, we design it WITH you, working in lockstep to jointly solve your specific problem. 
  • Logistics Operations. We expect to get it right every time. When we don’t, we want to know why.  Driving this operational rigor is a key part of our strategy.  Superior operations require a company-wide belief that every pick, every shipment, every delivery is an opportunity to do great work.
  • Value.  Value comes in all shapes and sizes. It can mean dollars and cents, reduced time, innovative thinking…it’s our job to understand what value means to you.   Once we’re aligned, Weber builds solutions to deliver that value, from the most basic to the most advanced. 
  • Customer Satisfaction.  If you need to tell us you’re unhappy, our system has broken down.  Weber’s business is built around staying close to you, identifying concerns early and addressing them immediately. 

Want to learn more about our California 3PL freight and warehousing services?

Call 855-GO-WEBER or email sales@weberlogistics.com


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