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Weber’s Inventory Postponement Services are:

Cost-effective.  Inventory postponement reduces labor costs by moving final assembly out of the high-cost manufacturing environment. 

Quality-focused.  Weber’s exacting processes for quality assurance provide you with all the benefits of inventory postponement, while maintaining the highest product quality standards.    

Agile.  By adopting a postponement strategy, Weber can help you create a more responsive supply chain that adapts quickly to market changes. 


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For a large consumer product company, Weber runs an assembly line process that combines core component parts to create finished cooler bags – a strategy that cuts costs by more than $500,000.  Read the case study.

Advantages of Weber’s Inventory Postponement Services:

  • Reduce inventory by storing only core product components that can be combined in the distribution center to create multiple SKUs.
  • Avoid unprofitable write-offs and clearance sales, which occur when you have too much of the wrong thing on retail shelves.
  • Give customers more choices, which ultimately leads to more revenue and profit.

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