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Weber’s Chemical Warehouse Solution is:

Designed specifically for chemical distribution.  A 300,000-square-foot hazardous material storage warehouse in LA County has 13 different storage rooms to meet your exact requirements for temperature range, fire prevention, and security. 

fullcolor_150x103Safe. Segregated H2, H3, H7 and S2 occupancy areas employ safety features such as EE-rated equipment and firewalls.

Compliant.  SOPs for chemical storage and handling comply with stringent regulatory requirements, so you’re always “audit ready.” We are CFATS-compliant, are well versed in C-TPAT protocols, and our chemical handling processes are a model for the LA County Fire Department’s training program.


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NACD Responsible Distribution Guiding Principles and Commitment Statement

chemical logistics

For a paint manufacturer, we mix pigments in the warehouse using sophisticated mixing machinery, creating a faster, more efficient supply chain.       

Advantages of Weber Chemical Warehouse Services:

  • Lower costs by using our multi-client chemical warehouse and sharing the costs with Weber’s many chemical industry customers.
  • Keep customers happy by maintaining local inventory in California and providing fast distribution of finished goods and raw materials to local manufacturing plants.
  • Maintain 24/7 visibility to your products using Weber’s systems and customer portal.
  • Reduce risk by working with the chemical distribution experts at Weber, where chemical logistics has been a focus since 1970.

Chemical Logistics Professionals

  • Average staff tenure in the warehouse of 14 years
  • Ongoing compliance training: IMDG, IATA, CADOT, OSHA, DHS
  • Inventory managed to your exact requirements, including FIFO/FEFO and lot control
  • Online inventory visibility that is real-time and secure
  • Management of min/max levels by SKU, with automated replenishment notifications

HAZMAT Compliance

Our team of on-site HAZMAT specialists are responsible for:

  • HAZMAT training
  • Compliance with DOT shipping regulations
  • Compliance with NFPA, UFC and OSHA standards
  • SARA reporting
  • MSDS training and reporting
  • Following the protocol of the Chemical Manufacturers Association (CMA)


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