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3pl los angeles warehousing


Locate inventory close to your West Coast customers by using one of Weber’s Los Angeles County warehousing and fulfillment locations.  Founded in 1924, Weber was one of the first 3PLs in Los Angeles and is one of the longest continually-operating 3PLs in California. 

Advantages of Weber’s 3PL Los Angeles Services

  • Service to your West Region customers.  Distribute orders rapidly, often the same day.  Also, Weber offers will-call service for customers who prefer to pick up their orders.

  • Integrate logistics services.   Combine Weber's Los Angeles warehousing services with our last mile delivery services on Weber's fleet of dry and refrigerated trucks.

  • Economically manage volume spikes.  Expand and contract space and labor to parallel your volumes. 

  • Add flexibility.  Weber’s Los Angeles warehouses let you store goods near or right next to the port.  Weber can also service you from 4 modern Inland Empire warehouses, east of L.A. 

Los Angeles warehouse & Facility Details

Select any of the LA locations below to get specific facility details.  

Need warehouse and 3PL services in Los Angeles?

Contact us for a detailed discussion of your needs. 


In our West Coast Logistics Blog, Weber Logistics experts provide tips to optimize your supply chain in the West.

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