Weber's Retail Logistics Services Are:

Flexible.  Economically manage seasonal volume swings with a variable space and labor. 

Integrated. Weber’s drayage, warehousing and transportation services can be combined into one single-source distribution solution on the West Coast. 

Value-Added. Weber regularly provides ticketing, labeling, kitting and other value-added warehouse services so retail products can go right to the selling floor upon arrival.

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For a cooperative of supermarket and food service providers, we automated the distribution process to improve inventory management and labor efficiency.

Advantages of Weber’s Retail Logistics Services:

  • Combine store replenishment and B2C fulfillment operations in one location and let Weber manage all your omni-channel distribution requirements.
  • Ease your administrative burden and lower overall costs by leveraging Weber’s ability to manage drayage moves, warehousing and last-mile delivery services.  
  • Place your inventory where it makes the most sense – Weber operates retail distribution centers in LA County, the Inland Empire, Northern California, and San Diego. 
  • Delight online customers by leveraging Weber’s experience running high-volume, pick and pack operations.


In our West Coast Logistics Blog, Weber Logistics experts provide  tips to optimize your supply chain in the West.

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