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san diego warehouse


Weber San Diego’s strategically located multi-use facility, is a multi-client, food-grade, CTPAT compliant distribution service center that services CPG, clothing, food, machinery, and non-regulated pharmaceutical products. Located only 5 miles from the US/Mexico border, much of our work here involves the handling of both raw material and finished goods coming into and out of Mexico.

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Weber’s San Diego distribution center services Include:

  • Food-grade warehouse and logistics services. Our warehouse in San Diego services multiple food and beverage customers.
  • Rail services. This facility’s robust rail capacity includes six rail doors with access to a double rail spur which allows us to position 12 boxcars at a time. In addition, Rail-to-OTR truck transloading services are a specialty.
  • Trucking and transloading services. Weber performs both dry and refrigerated trucking for temperature-controlled deliveries, and is permitted for hazardous material transport as well. We partner with Cross-Border Trucking Companies as well as Mexican maquiladoras located in Mexico for cross-border distribution.
  • Port services. We provide fast, reliable drayage services from the private terminals at the Port of San Diego - delivering direct to you or your customers, or returning goods to our warehouse for final distribution. Export container stuffing is a particular specialty here for points throughout Central and South America.


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Weber Logistics
1366 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92154
Phone: 619-423-8770
Fax: 619-423-0035


Year built: 1980
Square feet: 103,200
Ceiling height: 30-32 feet
Dock doors: 16 doors / 6 rail doors /
1 ramp door
Fire Suppression System: Calculated System - .28 GPM / 2,000 sf
Temperature range: Ambient
Distance to port: 15 miles from Port of San Diego
Distance to US/Mexico border: 5 miles

Products Handled:
Currently handles a variety of grocery type products, including beverages.

Value-added services:
Transloading. Crossdocking. Overflow storage available. Six rail doors serving double rail spurs. Up to 12 boxcar capacity.

Other facility details:
Facility maintains superior cleanliness ratings from AIB international.


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