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warehouse technology

warehouse technology

Weber uses Synapse as its Warehouse Management System (WMS).  Combined with Weber’s customer service and management teams, our warehouse technology platform allows:

  • WMS2-edit3Real-time visibility and processing of all warehouse functions
  • Completely RF-driven warehouse functions throughout all activities (paperless)
  • Ability to manage lot numbers and expiration dates for stock rotation
  • Custom business rules to manage and monitor potential supply chain issues that could cause delays, detention or chargebacks
  • Pick Fronts for high velocity items and/or eCommerce each pick and pack operations
  • Ability to perform kitting functions (assembling multiple SKUs into a single item), either before allocation or during the picking process
  • Interleaving of putaway and picking processes to minimize travel times
  • Flexible storage locations, sizes, and types (bulk, rack, shelving, etc.)
  • Customizable product rotation methods (by lot, receiving date, manufacture date, expiration date, etc.)
  • Customizable product allocation methods (days before expire, minimum shelf life, etc.)
  • Customizable automatic status changes (e.g., high thru when 60, donate at 30, hold at 0, days before expire)
  • Retailer compliance for ASNs, UCC case or pallet labeling, custom packing lists
  • Hundreds of reports available with ability to customize or create new ones as needed


In our West Coast Logistics Blog, Weber Logistics experts provide  tips to optimize your supply chain in the West.

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