Food and Beverage Logistics Services

Food and Beverage Logistics ServicesDon’t entrust your food and beverage logistics requirements to anyone but an expert. Weber operates food-grade warehouses in California and has four decades of experience serving companies in the food, alcohol and confectionery industries. 

  • For a major manufacturer of fruit juices, Weber receives temperature-controlled rail containers from around the country, unloads them at our Los Angeles food-grade warehouse, stores them awaiting outbound orders, and then loads trucks for final store delivery.  
  • For one of the largest wine and spirits companies in the world, Weber picks up ocean containers in Long Beach, California and transports them to a Weber container freight station for deconsolidation, storage and final distribution.
  • For a candy manufacturer, Weber stores multiple candy brands in a temperature-controlled, food-grade warehouse and ships to regional retailers using Weber’s refrigerated trucking services

Advantages of Weber’s Food Logistics Experience

  • Reduce your risk. All Weber food-grade warehouses are American Institute of Bakers-certified and SOPs meet all FDA and TTB requirements.   
  • Meet all cold chain requirements. We offer air conditioned, cooler and frozen warehouse environments. 
  • Integrate storage and delivery. Many of our food and beverage customers deliver pre-paid and appreciate Weber’s ability to both store and ship their products. Weber is one of the largest refrigerated LTL carriers on the West Coast.
  • Reduce costs through freight consolidation services. We serve many grocery product manufacturers and may be able to consolidate your deliveries with other customers.
  • Manage your inventory. We carefully monitor inventory by expiration date and use our system to ship according to FEFO, FIFO and other protocols.

Food-Grade Warehouse Capabilities

  • Advanced WMS manages stock rotation logic.
  • Lot tracking in case of recalls.
  • Direct rail access at many Weber DCs.
  • Organic certified food warehouse. Our MOAC certification attests to Weber’s stringent guidelines for housekeeping and cleanliness.

Professional Affiliations

  • Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)
  • Food Shippers of America (FSA)
  • Food Shippers Association of North America (FSANA)
  • National Confectioners Association (NCA)
  • International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW)
  • International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA)
  • National Confectioners' Logistics Council (NCLC)
  • Warehouse Education and Research Council (WERC)

Need a food-grade warehouse in California or on the West Coast?

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