Food-grade Warehouse for Los Angeles and Western Region Markets

Food-grade Warehouse for Los Angeles and Western Region Markets

Weber specializes in the management of food-grade warehouse facilities in Los Angeles and the western U.S.  By using Weber for temperature-controlled warehousing, you avoid the large capital expense of maintaining your own space.  As one of the leading refrigerated LTL carriers in California, we are able to combine temperature-controlled warehousing and transportation for an integrated cold chain solution in California, Phoenix and the Pacific Northwest. 

  • For a large food cooperative, Weber manages daily replenishment of grocery chains.
  • For multiple candy manufacturers, we store products in 55°–64° temperature-controlled warehouses and ship consolidated loads to regional retailers. 
  • For an organic food company, Weber stores bulk product in its raw state, then mixes ingredients to create the final product and packages it into 1, 3, 5 and 10 pound bags based on customer demand. 

Features of Food-Grade Warehouse Storage with Weber

  • Food-grade warehouses in Los Angeles and Stockton California areas
  • All facilities AIB-certified
  • Ambient, chilled and frozen space available
  • Automated temperature monitoring – out of spec readings trigger immediate pager messages
  • Warehouses certified to handle organic products
  • Co-location of many food and grocery customers reduces freight costs through freight consolidation

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