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Weber’s HOUSEWARES Logistics Services are:

Agile. Weber’s operating model is designed to deliver customized solutions, fast.

Integrated. Weber’s drayage, warehousing and transportation services can be combined into a single-source distribution solution on the West Coast. 

Proven. Weber regularly delivers to Home Depot, Lowe's, and every major retailer in the region. It’s likely that we already have strong relationships and pre-built system integrations with your most important retail customers.

Advanced. Access expert value-added services – ticketing, labeling, kitting, repacking, final product configuration – to make your products “retail-ready.”

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After working with several 3PLs on the West Coast over many years, Weber has proven the most reliable and responsive.  Weber’s ability to scale in both warehousing and trucking is impressive.  We especially enjoy our relationship with senior leadership and the efforts they make to keep our products moving.

Jody Ogea
Director, Distribution
Acadian Crossing Consumer Products®, a division of ArchPoint Group

For a leading lighting manufacturer, Weber helped scale from just 20 eCommerce orders a month to 15,000+ while handling over 100 retailer orders per week.  Read the case study.


Advantages of Weber’s Housewares Logistics Services

  • Avoid chargebacks using Weber dedicated quality and compliance team, which monitors routing guide changes and ensures outbound shipments comply with individual retailer requirements.  
  • Scale operations – Many housewares products have seasonal volume swings.  Space and labor can fluctuate with demand, so your distribution costs parallel your revenue stream.
  • Get the attention you need – don’t get lost at a large-scale 3PL that’s too busy to focus on you. 
  • Cut freight costs with pool distribution – linehaul products to the West Coast, where Weber breaks down shipments and manages last-mile delivery to your West Region customers. 
  • Manage B2B and B2C fulfillment from the same distribution center – minimize inventory by replenishing all your channels, including eCommerce fulfillment, from the same inventory pool. 

Housewares Logistics Expertise

  • Direct store deliveries or DC deliveries to Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart other major retailers
  • Promotion support, including fast ramp up for high-volume requirements
  • Deconsolidation of imports near Southern California ports
  • Inventory management with a variety of disciplines – date code, FIFO, LIFO, batch codes
  • Recall management
  • Full supply chain visibility for your import freight – from notification of container availability to final retail delivery



We entered our relationship with Weber under difficult circumstances, and they worked hard to put the pieces in place to make our transition a success. The management team is willing to stay active in communication to work through any issues that arise, and our service level is excellent.

Joe Mabardy
VP – Operations
The Fulham Group
Weber works like they are an extension of Fortune 8. Expectations are always discussed ahead of time, and there is an effortless and open line of communication that minimizes order processing mistakes. Weber stays organized, prioritizes tasks and schedules work effectively to meet tight deadlines. The Weber team plays an integral role in Fortune 8’s success.
Zalita Martis
Director of Operations
Fortune 8

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