Chemical Warehousing and Transportation Services in California and the Western U.S.

Chemical Warehousing and Transportation Services in California and the Western U.S.Storing, handling and delivering chemical products are highly regulated activities reserved for trained, experienced professionals. Entrust your chemical inventory to the Southern California leaders in chemical product distribution and logistics – Weber Logistics. Chemical logistics has been a strategic company focus since 1970. Dozens of chemical companies rely on Weber for safe, compliant hazardous material storage and the logistics and distribution of flammables, corrosives, oxidizers, gases, and other materials such as powder coatings and non-regulated material.

Advantages of Weber’s Chemical Warehousing and Logistics Services

  • Compliant operations. Weber SOPs for chemical storage and handling comply with stringent regulatory requirements, so you’re always “audit ready.”
  • Lower costs. Share overhead costs with Weber’s many chemical industry customers.
  • Increase customer satisfaction. Put inventory closer to your western U.S. customers for fast delivery or same-day pick-up at the facility. We can also provide same-day service to Mexico maquiladoras.

Southern California Chemical Warehouse

  • 300,000-sq-ft warehouse with 13 different storage rooms to meet your exact requirements for temperature range, fire prevention, and security
  • Segregated H2, H3, H7 and S2 occupancy areas
  • Storage capabilities include drums, totes, pallets, bags, cylinders, pails and cases
  • Temperature-controlled flammable storage (45°F - 55°F) (65°F - 75°F) Heated rooms (75°F - 90°F)

Chemical Logistics Professionals

  • Full-time compliance officer for quality – environmental, health and safety
  • Average staff tenure of 14 years
  • Ongoing compliance training: IMDG, IATA, CADOT, OSHA, DHS

Systems and Processes for Chemical Logistics

  • Inventory managed to your exact requirements, including FIFO/FEFO and lot control
  • Online inventory visibility that is real-time and secure
  • Management of min/max levels by SKU, with automated replenishment notifications

Chemical Warehousing and Transportation Services

We integrate warehousing and transportation services to maintain the integrity of your product throughout the distribution cycle. This single-source capability reduces handling, risk and overall costs.

  • Temperature-controlled warehousing. Reduce risk, conserve your capital, and increase product shelf life by distributing goods from Weber’s temperature-controlled chemical storage warehouse. We can segregate by product type and by temperature range.
  • Transport of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Ship products safely and reliably on trucks designed for chemical transport. Local and long-haul deliveries on all modes using a combination of Weber’s fleet and hazmat-certified carrier partners.
  • Pick and pack services. Improve service with same-day fulfillment of small volume orders.  Value-added services also include packaging and labeling to IATA standards for air shipments of dangerous goods.
  • Cross-docking for imports. Speed delivery of import freight to its final destination. Weber can pick up your containers from the port, offload the product at our chemical warehouse, and cross dock for immediate shipment to inland locations.
  • Manufacturing support. For many chemical customers, we provide JIT delivery of raw materials to local manufacturers.

HAZMAT Compliance

Our team of on-site HAZMAT specialists are responsible for:

  • HAZMAT training
  • Compliance with DOT shipping regulations
  • Compliance with NFPA, UFC and OSHA standards
  • SARA reporting
  • MSDS training and reporting
  • Following the protocol of the Chemical Manufacturers Association (CMA)

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