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Weber uses MercuryGate (fleet services) and Profit Tools (port services) to manage transportation operations. Combined with Weber’s customer service and management teams, our transportation technology platforms allow:

  • Weber-Long-Beach-TMSReal-time visibility of all orders.
  • API and EDI communication through various formats
  • Full GPS tracking in real time
  • Image uploads for documentation
  • Integration with any major enterprise system and supply chain management system
  • Hundreds of reports available with ability to customize or create new ones as needed


MercuryGate & Profit Tools

  • EDI 204 Load Tenders
  • EDI 990 and 997 Responses
  • EDI 214 Status Update
  • EDI 212 Delivery Trailer Manifest
  • EDI 210 Invoicing
  • EDI 322 Equipment Disposition
  • Customer Website Portal
  • Real-Time Shipment Status and Updates
  • Document Retrieval
  • Automatic Email Updates
  • Set Polymetric Geofences
  • Automated Driver Arrival
  • Automated Driver Departure
  • Automated Waiting Time Notifications
  • Retains Trace by Trace Time Records
  • Geofencing and Live Mapping
  • Updating of Shipment Info from the Field
  • Arrival / Departure Time Stamps
  • Over 200 standard, customizable, and automated reports.

Profit Tools

  • Expanded Port and Terminal Information
  • Critical Date Information (ETA, Arrive, Grounded)
  • Port Appointment Tracking
  • Custom Holds
  • Container Type
  • Vessel & Voyage
  • Discharge Date
  • Days in Yard
  • Demurrage, & Per Diem live warning system.
  • eSignatures for Instant POD / POP
  • Document Capture and Clean Up


In our West Coast Logistics Blog, Weber Logistics experts provide  tips to optimize your supply chain in the West.

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