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Weber’s Chemical Warehouse Solution is:

Chemical Storage Warehouse in California

Designed specifically for chemical distribution.  A 300,000-square-foot hazardous material storage warehouse in LA County has 13 different storage rooms to meet your exact requirements for temperature range, fire prevention, and security. 

Safe. Segregated H2, H3, H7 and S2 occupancy areas employ safety features such as EE-rated equipment and firewalls.

Compliant.  SOPs for chemical storage and handling comply with stringent regulatory requirements, so you’re always “audit ready.” We are CFATS-compliant, are well versed in C-TPAT protocols, and our chemical handling processes are a model for the LA County Fire Department’s training program.

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Advantages of Weber Chemical Warehouse Services:

  • Lower costs by using our multi-client chemical warehouse and sharing the costs with Weber’s many chemical industry customers.
  • Keep customers happy by maintaining local inventory in California and providing fast distribution of finished goods and raw materials to local manufacturing plants.
  • Maintain 24/7 visibility to your products using Weber’s systems and customer portal.
  • Reduce risk by working with the chemical distribution experts at Weber, where chemical logistics has been a focus since 1970. 

Chemical Logistics Professionals

  • Average staff tenure in the warehouse of 14 years
  • Ongoing compliance training: IMDG, IATA, CADOT, OSHA, DHS
  • Inventory managed to your exact requirements, including FIFO/FEFO and lot control
  • Online inventory visibility that is real-time and secure
  • Management of min/max levels by SKU, with automated replenishment notifications

HAZMAT Compliance

Our team of on-site HAZMAT specialists are responsible for:

  • HAZMAT training
  • Compliance with DOT shipping regulations
  • Compliance with NFPA, UFC and OSHA standards
  • SARA reporting
  • MSDS training and reporting
  • Following the protocol of the Chemical Manufacturers Association (CMA)

Need Hazmat storage?

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