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Aspen Alliance Extends Weber’s West Coast Warehouse Network to Inter-mountain Region

Thu, Feb 28, 2013 @ 03:13 PM / by Connie Anderson

Connie Anderson is the SVP of Client Solutions for Weber Logistics

Weber Logistics and Aspen Logistics have announced a formal alliance to combine the companies’ west coast warehouse and inter-mountain warehouse networks, as well as their combined transportation capabilities.   The alliance creates a single-source product distribution solution, from the Rockies to the Pacific Coast

Weber’s headquarters and the core of its logistics operations have been in California, as well as Arizona and Nevada.  Aspen, in contrast, maintains core logistics operations in Salt Lake City, with excellent service to the growing inter-mountain region.  The alliance combines these complementary capabilities.  The new West Coast warehouse network now actually extends well east from California, with 19 warehouses (6.5 million square feet) and a direct delivery fleet serving an 11-state region, from Denver to LA and everywhere in between. 

Since both Weber and Aspen serve many food and consumer product manufacturers, regular retail replenishment is a critical business need requiring a dense warehouse and delivery network throughout the region.   The combined inter-mountain and  west coast warehouse network puts product close to customers, and an asset-based transportation solutions provides direct delivery, with freight transfer stations in Southern and Northern California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Utah and Colorado. 

Read more about the Weber-Aspen alliance

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Written by Connie Anderson

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