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West Coast and California Logistics Blog

Weber Logistics Acquires Pacific Coast Warehouse Company to Continue Strong Growth Pace

Apr 4, 2022 / by Weber Logistics posted in West Coast Distribution, west coast warehouses, weber logistics news


Weber Logistics has acquired California warehousing provider, Pacific Coast Warehouse Company (PCWC). The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

PCWC will be rebranded as Weber Logistics. All current PCWC employees will become Weber employees by May 1, 2022.

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Weber Logistics Appoints New Leaders To Drive Continued Expansion

Mar 22, 2022 / by Weber Logistics posted in weber logistics news


Weber Logistics has announced two new senior leadership appointments today as it continues to build a best-in-class supply chain organization to exceed customer expectations in an increasingly complex marketplace.

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Weber Logistics Adds New Distribution Center in San Bernardino, CA

Jul 8, 2021 / by Weber Logistics posted in West Coast Distribution, west coast warehouses, weber logistics news


Weber Logistics has secured a 406,710-square-foot omni-channel distribution center (DC) in San Bernardino, CA. This newly constructed multi-client facility – Weber’s largest – is the company’s sixth DC in Southern California’s Inland Empire region and thirteenth DC within California.

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Weber Logistics Partners with Stellex Capital to Position Itself for Growth

Dec 10, 2020 / by Weber Logistics posted in weber logistics news


Weber Logistics has announced that Stellex Capital Management (Stellex), a middle-market private investment firm with significant transportation and logistics experience, has partnered with Weber’s management team in a recapitalization focused on accelerated expansion. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

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Weber Logistics Named 2019 Top 100 3PL Provider

Aug 6, 2019 / by Weber Logistics posted in West Coast Distribution, weber logistics news


Weber Logistics has been named a 2019 Top 3PL Provider by the editors of Inbound Logistics Magazine

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Weber Opens New Long Beach Drayage Facility

Aug 30, 2018 / by Weber Logistics posted in Southern California Ports, West Coast Distribution, Port Logistics, weber logistics news, Drayage


Weber Logistics has opened a new port drayage facility in Long Beach, CA, less than 1 mile from the port.  Situated within the Overweight Corridor, this new facility will handle Los Angeles and Long Beach port drayage services, as well as transloading, and weight reduction for overweight loads to make them compliant with California highway regulations. 

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Lower Costs by Boosting Employee Morale

Apr 9, 2015 / by Weber Logistics posted in West Coast Distribution, weber logistics news, Logistics Turnover, Labor issues, Organizational Dynamics


Do you have disengaged employees?

Well, if you said yes you are not alone. About 70% of U.S. workers are disengaged.

Why should you care about employee engagement?

These disengaged employees are costing your company money. Did you know disengaged employees cost the U.S. economy up to $350 billion per year due to lost productivity. A study by Gallup found companies who increased employee engagement experienced the following:


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Weber Recognized as Top Temperature Controlled Warehouse 3PL

Dec 11, 2013 / by Weber Logistics posted in Warehouse operations, weber logistics news, Temperature Controlled Warehousing


World’s Trade Magazine’s December 2013 issue on “America’s Top 3PLs” named Weber Logistics to its TOP TEN list of 3PLs focused on temperature controlled warehouses and supply chains.  The magazine’s editors called out Weber’s systematic monitoring of temperatures, in the warehouse and in trucks, to ensure cold chain integrity for food, beverage and confectionery products.  See the write-up on page 60 of the magazine. 

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Is Your Company a “Healthy” Company

Sep 24, 2013 / by Weber Logistics posted in Logistics Management, weber logistics news, Organizational Dynamics

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The logistics industry is transforming before our eyes.  Yesterday’s approaches won’t satisfy the incessant and urgent demand for faster, better, cheaper.   According to Patrick Lencioni, a keynote speaker at the recent Material Handling and Logistics Conference in Park City, UT, only healthy companies will have the ingredients to succeed in this fast-paced sector.

Borrowing thoughts from his book, “Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” he talked about the five key behaviors that firms must demonstrate to build a “healthy company:” Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results.

Trust: The toughest part of Trust is being vulnerable.  Leaders must acknowledge when mistakes are made.  Being vulnerable is to be human. Everyone on the leadership team must have the humility and security to voice their true opinions and feeling without fear.

Conflict:  “Great teams have conflict.”  Conflict becomes “the pursuit of the truth.”  It is not healthy to have a leadership team that is insecure and always agrees with the top dog.  It takes courage to disagree and create conflict.  If the team has trust, conflict will be a true differentiator and decisions will be more thoroughly vetted and correct.

Commitment: If people don’t weigh in, they won’t buy in. It is important to gain active consensus from all company leaders in order for the organization’s strategy to be successful. 

Accountability:  Half the boat doesn’t sink.  Because organizations are inter-dependent, people need to hold one another accountable.  Big challenges may require help from others to achieve the goal, and that’s okay, but the accountable person must seek that help and own the outcome.  Accountability keeps everyone on track and working together.

Results:  Within a healthy organization, communication from the top down about progress and results is critical.  Leaders must over-communicate the company’s strategy, goals and challenges.  Team members want to know where the company is going and where it is on that journey.  

Healthy behavior is required, but Lencioni reminded us that the foundation for a successful company is a strategy that delivers relevant value to the customer in a way that no one else or few others can emulate. 

Mr. Lencioni confessed that none of his ideas were new or groundbreaking.  But he added that these critical behavior traits are routinely ignored in businesses, large and small.

Is your company a “healthy company?"

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Three Ways to Provide Best Customer Experience in the 3PL Industry

Aug 14, 2013 / by Debbie Bunting posted in 3PL, weber logistics news, 3PL Outsourcing


When it comes to customer service in logistics, one common theme I have found in my 25 years in the 3PL industry is that every leader at all levels has a need to focus on providing the best overall customer experience.  Whether you lead a team or are just interacting with internal customers, the need to provide the Best Customer Experience is critical to succeeding in an ever-commoditizing market.

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