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Video: Manage Multi-channel Fulfillment from One Facility and System

Wed, Sep 10, 2014 @ 11:00 AM / by Weber Logistics

With more and more consumers shopping online, companies have had to adapt fulfillment to handle picking and shipping of individual items.  Operationally, multi-channel fulfillment is a big shift. So big, in fact, that many companies have chosen to separately manage fulfillment of bulk retail orders and fulfillment of individual eCommerce orders.

When they do this, it can involve separate buildings and separate systems.  These incremental costs are steep and largely unnecessary.  It’s one of the reasons the online portions of many businesses remain unprofitable.  

Weber Logistics’ multi-channel fulfillment solution effectively combines retail and direct-to-consumer inventories to reduce both cost and complexity.  Check out this video to see how Weber works with mid-tier manufacturers to manage the multi-channel logistics challenge.  

multi channel fulfillment

Topics: Logistics Technology, Multi Channel Fulfillment, Fulfillment B2C

Written by Weber Logistics

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