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The Importance of Scalability in ECommerce Order Fulfillment

Nov 29, 2018 / by Weber Logistics posted in Southern California Ports, West Coast Distribution, Third Party Logistics, 3PL, west coast warehouses, 3PL Outsourcing, eCommerce Fulfillment, Pick and Pack, Multi Channel Fulfillment


Growing from 100 orders per month to 15,000 per month.  For most companies, that’s a dream come true.  But if you have the wrong solution in place for eCommerce order fulfillment, that’s a dream that may never materialize.  Here at Weber, this type of quick growth spurt can, and has, happened with eCommerce order fulfillment clients.  The only way to handle it is to have an operation that can seamlessly scale to meet the uptick in demand. 

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Video: Manage Multi-channel Fulfillment from One Facility and System

Sep 10, 2014 / by Weber Logistics posted in Logistics Technology, Multi Channel Fulfillment, Fulfillment B2C


With more and more consumers shopping online, companies have had to adapt fulfillment to handle picking and shipping of individual items.  Operationally, multi-channel fulfillment is a big shift. So big, in fact, that many companies have chosen to separately manage fulfillment of bulk retail orders and fulfillment of individual eCommerce orders.

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Multi Channel Fulfillment From One DC: Check out New Video

Mar 18, 2013 / by Weber Logistics posted in Logistics Management, eCommerce Fulfillment, Multi Channel Fulfillment


eCommerce sales in Q4 2012 broke another record.  For the year, online sales grew 15.8%, while retail trade in general grew only 5%.  When it comes to retail sales, “clicks are definitely gaining on bricks” and making efficient multi channel fulfillment a priority. 

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