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6 Tips to Select the Right Chemical Warehouse Partner

Thu, Jun 04, 2015 @ 08:30 AM / by Weber Logistics

What do chlorine, nitrogen and ammonium hydroxide have in common? Well if you guessed THEY ARE DANGEROUS… You are correct! These are EXTREMELY dangerous chemicals that require proper handling. Without the proper knowledge and necessary caution these products can create havoc for any person or company.

Hazardous chemicals cannot be stored at any location. They have a huge liability and not just any one can handle this product. It can become a headache trying to find the right partner to store your product with and trusting it will be in good hands. Weber is here to try and reduce the stress; we have put together some tips to help you in the selection process for a chemical warehouse partner.


6 Tips to Select the Right Chemical Warehouse Partner

  1. Check the provider’s reputation with objective sources. Don’t rely on the 3PL’s marketing claims to gauge capabilities.

  2. Look for experience handling the class of chemicals you market. 3PLs that handle one class of chemicals are not necessarily qualified to handle others.

  3. Limit transportation miles. With chemicals, fewer miles are better. Finding a provider that is centrally located to efficiently reach your customer base will reduce your costs and risk.

  4. Dig into the experience of key personnel. Ask about the chemical logistics experience of those supervising and operating your business. These people should be advising you, not the other way around.

  5. Choose a partner for present AND future needs. Anticipate your needs well into the future and look for a partner that can satisfy these requirements to avoid the cost and risk involved in switching providers.

  6. Find out how active the provider is in industry groups. Environmental and safety regulations are constantly changing. Providers need to remain active

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Topics: Chemical Logistics, Chemical Storage

Written by Weber Logistics

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