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5 Tips for a Productive and Efficient Warehouse

Fri, Feb 05, 2016 @ 09:50 AM / by Weber Logistics

In the logistics and supply chain industry some of today’s biggest buzzwords are efficiency and productivity. Finding a warehouse that operates efficiently & productively will ultimately reduce costs, so who doesn’t want that!

Many may not realize, but a large part of productively is linked to safety. Historically we think greater safety measures will result in a waste of time and money. The truth is, according to the Ardeen Group in a 2014 study, the top 20% of aggregate performance scorers resulted in 0.1 Recordable Injury Frequency Rate, 90% Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), 2% Unscheduled Asset Downtime and 7% Decrease in TCO to manage safety system. This means top earning companies have some of the best safety programs.

Safety, Accuracy, Productivity and Cost are all related. Efficiency.pngIf you have a safe work environment, you will have higher accuracy which leads to increased productivity and ultimately saves you dollars.

Besides safety here are a few more tips that can assist in improving warehouse efficiency:

Robust Staff: Having a team of robust employees with great spirits will always contribute to productivity. Happy workers work harder and more proficiently. To keep your team effective, they also must be properly trained. Providing the correct tools and knowledge will allow employees to tackle tasks in the proper manner.

Updated Technology: Having technology that allows you to work smarter not harder will increase productivity. In 2016 there is so much technology to be utilized. Investing in your operating systems will save cost in the long run and provide the tools for employees to work efficiently.

Strong Leadership: Don’t forget your quarterback, having someone call out the plays and directing the rest of the team is critical. Having a leader in place that can energize, train and direct their team will create success for the facility and company as a whole.

Maximize your Footprint: In the warehousing business location is everything and some locations are not cheap. Therefore, you must take advantage of every inch you have. Hiring an engineer to design a proper floor plan can be greater than the cost in the long run.

Be Innovative: The logistics game is always changing and the more adaptable you are to change, the greater success you will have. You must always be looking for better ways to accomplish tasks and be open to new ideas. Employees who have been with a company for years and years may have tips and tricks that can help other employees improve productivity.

Weber Logistics has been in the warehouse and distribution industry for over 90 years. Working efficiently and productively is a part of Weber’s DNA. No other company has the knowledge & expertise of running a warehouse on the West Coast like Weber.

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Written by Weber Logistics

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