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Trust: Key for a Successful Third Party Logistics Partnership

Tue, May 31, 2016 @ 10:32 AM / by Weber Logistics

With any good relationship’s foundation you will find trust. We constantly hear it. Just trust me. Without any backing or reasoning, just TRUST ME. Now if referencing dinner, okay… I trust you, but let’s raise the stakes… your life? your children’s lives? Not so easy now. Well for many their company is their life or their child. You can’t expect someone to trust you with their company’s livelihood just because you say so.

So what now? How do you get their trust andKeys.jpg build a successful partnership. How can you learn to trust someone else with product? In this case, actions speak louder than words.  At Weber we value the trust we have with all our customers and want to develop it with our future clients.

Here are a few things we rely on to help us build trust with our clients:


Having upgraded technologies that give real time data provides customers with more comfort. The ability to track and trace your product, monitor temperature levels or check inventory, all assist in minimizing your customer’s worry. Just as parents may track a child’s smart phone, we can track your inventory.

Accreditations & certifications

Accreditations & certifications are another symbol of trust. Meeting standards and regulations set by trusted organizations helps install confidence. These should be displayed and shared with prospects and customers.

Track Record

Sharing information from past or current customers about their experience can help a company appear relatable. If you have a strong track record with other customers it will be easier for a new customer to trust your work.  Reversely if someone didn’t have the best experience, share that story as well and highlight the changes that resulted to make your business better.

Specific Security

Some people need to see it to believe it. Simply knowing a security guard is physically on the premise or security cameras are set up throughout the building will make customers feel more at ease with their product in your hands.


Be upfront about expectations. One of the worst thing is disappointment. Don’t promise the moon if you know you can’t attain it. Having honest communication between both parties will ultimately determine how much you can be trusted.

When it comes to third party logistics it is easy to fall for the “just trust me” line. Make sure you have solid facts and knowledge before committing to a partner.

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Topics: Public Warehousing, Third Party Logistics, Inventory Control

Written by Weber Logistics

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