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Why Grading a Potential 3PL Partner is Like Grading a Restaurant

Mon, Jul 17, 2017 @ 08:00 AM / by Weber Logistics

Do you ever feel like breaking out of the everyday routine and trying a new dinner spot? Well before hopping in the car and driving aimlessly, try turning to the internet to find suggestions and reviews of a few places. Now what are the key things most people look for in a restaurant? Perhaps… parking availability, the ambiance of the venue, hi-tech ordering gadgets, cleanliness of the restrooms, or price on the menu? Those are all good characteristics to review, however, don’t forget the most important of all… SERVICE!

A lack of service can ruin an entire dinner3pl partner experience and detour you from ever returning regardless of how tasty the food was. Just as you evaluate and value the service at a restaurant, you should evaluate and value the service of a potential third party logistics warehouse. By service we are referring to “associate engagement” within the 3PL. For many companies in the market for a new 3PL partner, there will be an intense focus on the economics, contract provisions, possibly IT capabilities, however, we know that when associates are engaged in our business and more importantly, in our client’s business, we win and our clients win. If you can refuse to go back to the restaurant, why should your product keep going back to a warehouse with poor service?

Associate engagement as a whole may be a very difficult thing to measure, but if you are a potential client, here is a brief checklist you may want to consider as you make your selection:

  1. Do associates greet you when you walk through a building? It is very subtle but important in gauging the level of associate awareness and engagement.
  2. What is the role of temporary associates in the business? If nearly all the workers are temporary associates, it will be difficult to get the level of engagement you need for success.
  3. Stop an associate on the floor and ask him or her for a description of their role? Do they prepare products on their way to customers or do they put labels on boxes?
  4. Ask an associate if they like what they do and where they work? It is a simple question but people that like what they do – are usually pretty good at it.
  5. Ask leaders how they handle problems with associates. If there is a culture of coaching for success (vs discipline), you are likely talking to a company that is open in its communication style and willing to talk about problems when they arise.
  6. Talk to the CSR’s – are they engaged with their clients. The best CSR’s think of themselves as an extension of the client – and the clients see it that way too!

If your 3PL partner choice meets the basic criteria AND has a workforce engaged in the client’s business that wants to win – you are likely going to be selecting a very long term partner!

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Topics: Third Party Logistics, Organizational Dynamics, Logistics Customer Service

Written by Weber Logistics

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