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The Advantages of a 3PL with blended Asset/Non-Asset Based Transportation Services

Thu, Nov 03, 2016 @ 07:04 AM / by Weber Logistics

There are many transportation services to choose from when deciding which one is the right fit for your business.  A company with robust assets – a fleet of actual trucks providing service – paired with a strong network of carrier partners (brokerage) is able to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective transportation solution that may well be the best fit for yourtrans.jpeg needs.

Control in Service. A provider with its own assets has far more control over service – and if it is well-operated, provides a more competitive price than a pure third party.  Along with more control is the ability to have seamless integration between your product and your provider’s service.

Flexibility and Scalability. At the same time, that 3PL who can blend asset-based services with the resources of well-vetted carrier partners, provides scalability – there are no capacity limitations, and seasonal peaks are much more easily managed. The flexibility that comes with a blended asset model allows for unplanned changes in business to be addressed promptly.

Weber Logistics adheres to strict DOT laws for drivers and equipment and is SmartWay and Carb Compliant. With over 100 pieces of equipment, and over 100 partner carriers, Weber is committed to providing VALUE. You, the client, get the best of all worlds, service, price, and nearly unlimited capacity.

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Written by Weber Logistics

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