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Utilizing Data to Lower Warehouse Rates

Sun, Oct 02, 2016 @ 11:00 AM / by Weber Logistics

We all know how the story goes when it comes to finding the lowest price, “you get what you pay for” they say. Wouldn’t it be nice for once to pay less for great quality! When it comes to warehousing rates, you can. Data is the key!

PG_CHARTCheck out our Commercial Warehouse Pricing Guide to learn more. This warehouse pricing guide will explain the importance of data and will show you how to utilize your data to get low rates for quality service.

When a 3PL doesn’t have the data for its warehouse pricing model, the company has to make assumptions. For example, let’s say a shipper does not know if products can be stored 2 pallets high or 3 pallets high. If the 3PL needs to charge $15 per pallet footprint, then the rate for 2-high storage would be $7.50 per pallet. But if the product can be stored 3-high, the rate would drop to $5.00 per pallet.  

You can see how missing or incorrect data will result in inaccurate rates. When it comes to commercial pricing for dedicated and public warehousing, accurate data on the current operation is everything.

commerical warehouse pricing guide




Topics: Logistics Management, Shared Warehousing, Warehouse Rates

Written by Weber Logistics

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