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Speed and Cost Advantages of West Coast eCommerce Fulfillment

Jun 25, 2020 / by Bob Lilja posted in Southern California Ports, Shared Warehousing, west coast warehouses, 3PL Outsourcing, eCommerce Fulfillment, Direct to Consumer, logistics in California


When companies seek to optimize their eCommerce operations, they’re generally looking to do two things: improve distribution speed and reduce costs. These factors of speed and cost are affected by many factors, including the location where fulfillment services are performed. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the advantages of West Coast eCommerce fulfillment and show you how – when it comes to speed and cost – the West may very well be the best for your operation.

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Why Utilizing a 3PL is Cost Effective

Sep 29, 2016 / by Brad Dixon posted in 3PL Outsourcing, eCommerce Fulfillment, Direct to Consumer


In today’s growing e-commerce world, online businesses are in a position to optimize their operations that will fuel growth, because they are able to focus on a single product-to-consumer distribution channel.  Many of the technical aspects of e-commerce business such as social marketing, website design and content management continue to be executed by in-house staff. These functions are crucial and have to be in house as they are the foundation of growing startups and online business. But when it comes to the operational and logistics aspect of the business, adding on an outside partner that has the knowledge and expertise to optimize your supply chain could provide great value.

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