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5 advantages of partnering with a regional truckload services provider

Wed, Jan 31, 2024 @ 07:06 AM / by Gary Kendle

When you’re shipping freight within a region of the US, you have options for the type of carrier you partner with. You can work with one of the large long-haul carriers that operate nationwide. Or you can work with a regional carrier that specializes in your chosen region. In this article, we’ll examine regional truckload services and the many advantages you can gain by working with a regional carrier.


1. Regional truckload services are more cost effective

Regional carriers typically handle shorter distances compared to long-haul carriers, so it follows that transportation costs will be lower. Regional carriers also have lanes that they serve regularly and standing appointments with large retailers and grocers. Fitting your load into an existing lane and/or a standing appointment will further reduce your costs. Such efficiencies are less common in the long-haul world.

Weber-reefer-truck-mountains-12. Regional carriers have local expertise

Regional truckload carriers possess in-depth knowledge of their specific operating areas. This local expertise includes understanding weather patterns, traffic nuances, and the ability to navigate efficiently within the region. They also likely have relationships with key personnel at retailer and grocer distribution centers and may receive favorable accommodations, including drop-trailer arrangements. All of these factors can significantly impact route planning and overall efficiency.

3. Regional carriers are agile

Large long-haul carriers typically have much more bureaucratic company structures, where decisions are made 3 or 4 levels up from your contact person. For these large 3PLs, customization is not a specialty. Their profitability depends on executing at scale so they won't change standard, systems-driven processes – except for their largest customers. If you're a mid-sized consumer goods brand looking for a customized solution, that could be difficult.

On the other hand, regional carriers tend to be agile and can offer more nimble and flexible services compared to their larger counterparts. They can tailor solutions to meet specific customer needs, adjusting pricing, operational processes, and service levels. This flexibility is especially advantageous for businesses with unique requirements or fluctuating shipping volumes.

4. Regional carriers offer personalized routing

The key personnel at regional carrier providers – such as drivers and dispatchers – are located within the same region in which deliveries are made. This enables them to make informed decisions about routing based on regional knowledge. This includes choosing optimal highways to avoid traffic or adverse weather conditions, ultimately contributing to more reliable and timely deliveries. This contrasts with larger nationwide operations where the dispatcher may be hundreds or thousands of miles away from the deliveries, with no first-hand knowledge of the area, its roadways, and its traffic and weather patterns.

5. Regional carriers may have better capacity

From the driver perspective, working for a regional carrier is often preferable to long-haul work. With regional loads, drivers are typically out and back the same day. This enables them to have a more stable and predictable home life. As such, it can be easier for regional carriers to attract, hire and retain drivers than it is for long-haul carriers. This can make a big difference during times of tight capacity.


Turn to Weber Logistics for West Region trucking

For 100 years, Weber Logistics has offered customized trucking solutions to shippers and manufacturers in the Western US. We continue to set ourselves apart from other providers through the following:

  • Integrated services: Weber offers a fully integrated logistics solution – including drayage, warehousing and final delivery services – to help you shrink your cash cycle and focus on your core business.
  • Asset-based trucking: Weber’s regional trucking services utilize Weber trucks and equipment with Weber drivers at the helm. We can guarantee the capacity you require, while ensuring compliance with all California regulations.
  • Agile capabilities: Weber prides itself on being big enough to support the supply chains of some of the world’s best-known brands, while being small enough to provide customized solutions.
  • Routing guide compliance: Weber has an in-house IT team and its systems are fully integrated with those of all top retailers and grocers in the region.
  • Refrigerated truckload services: Deliveries are handled by experienced Weber drivers on late-model, CARB-compliant trucks using the latest Thermo-King air conditioning technology.

To learn more about the benefits of working with a true West Region transportation expert, contact Weber today.


Topics: Transportation Strategies, Refrigerated Trucking, Regional Logistics

Written by Gary Kendle

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