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West Coast and California Logistics Blog

Overweight Container Logistics at the Ports of L.A. and Long Beach

Feb 21, 2019 / by Jerry Critchfield posted in Southern California Ports, West Coast Distribution, Port Logistics, Third Party Logistics, west coast warehouses, Transload, Inland Empire Warehouse, overweight


Shipping containers across the ocean to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is a big job with a big impact on your company’s supply chain.  It can also come with a big price tag, especially when you’re dealing with overweight containers.  This price tag can be greatly reduced, however, by partnering with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that specializes in overweight container logistics. 

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The Difference Between Crossdock Services and Transload Services

Oct 30, 2018 / by Weber Logistics posted in Third Party Logistics, Crossdock, Transload


In the supply chain, there is sometimes confusion about what is transloading and what is cross docking.  The strategies are different, but both work to accomplish the same goal – to reduce supply chain costs.  Crossdock services and transload services both includehandling the product and delivery to multiple destinations on a different truck or container than the inbound shipment.  

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Where it’s Good to be Heavy – The Overweight Corridor

Apr 29, 2016 / by Weber Logistics posted in Southern California Ports, Transload


In society today, there is a large focus on weight. For many, the temptation of a pink box in the office can be cringing if you are trying to watch the pounds.  Luckily in the logistics world it can be a good thing to be heavy – when it comes to containers. Although overweight containers are not allowed to travel across town, they have a home in the overweight corridor. A distribution plan that includes heavy containers and the overweight corridor can equal great savings.

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Key Questions when Looking for Southern California Port Services

Mar 18, 2016 / by Weber Logistics posted in Port Logistics, Transload, 3PL Outsourcing


When importing goods into Southern California ports, getting cargo through Customs is just the begging of a large puzzle.

You still need to get your containers out of the port, find a transload facility (if overweight), find a warehouse to store your product and transportation for final delivery. That’s a lot of different pieces to put together. The best way to approach this puzzle is with a 3PL partner. They can manage the entire process to ensure all the pieces fall perfectly into place.

Before you select a 3PL, find out what your needs are. Below are some key questions that you may be faced with:

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New Logistics Solutions for Port Services Guide

Jan 28, 2016 / by Weber Logistics posted in Southern California Ports, Port Logistics, Third Party Logistics, Transload


Ever wonder how you can gain the competitive advantage over your competition? 

How about with an amazing port distribution solution? A new solutions guide for port distribution is now available that explains the basics of utilizing transloading services. We hope after reading this guide, you can then use this knowledge to cut and control your costs.

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True or False: Cross Docking is to Transloading as Ice Cream is to Gelato???

Sep 25, 2015 / by Weber Logistics posted in West Coast Distribution, Port Logistics, Third Party Logistics, Crossdock, Transload


At the surface, a scoop of gelato and a scoop of ice cream appear to be the same thing. They look the same, they are both cold. Despite their similarities, we know they are different when we taste the two. What makes them different is the work that is done to create the final product.

In the logistics industry, we can look at transloading and cross docking in the same way. The end result appears to be the same; however the manner in which the services are performed to get to the result are different. Transload is a form of cross dock just as gelato is a form of ice cream.

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