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Shipping Cold Freight? Save Money by Collaborating.

Nov 12, 2015 / by Eden Castaneda posted in Third Party Logistics, Transportation Strategies, Pool Distribution


We see the dialogue in films again and again. Two individuals, John and Jane, trying to catch a taxi cab, “Where you headed” asked John, “uptown” said Jane, then John replied “me too, want to split a cab?” Just as a taxi cab will cost the same overall price with one person vs two people inside, wouldn’t you rather share and pay less!

The same principle can be applied to shipping cold freight. Shipping some of your product alone can cost big bucks. That same truck filled with other products going to the same location, equals savings for everyone. The image below can help paint the picture of utilizing pool distribution.

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Pool Distribution for Confectionery Products

Mar 19, 2015 / by Connie Anderson posted in Pool Distribution, Confectionery Logistics


Freight logistics professionals can learn something from Match.com - the dating services that links you with complimentary partners.

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Save with Pool Distribution for Refrigerated Trucking

Dec 17, 2014 / by Connie Anderson posted in Refrigerated Trucking, Temperature Controlled Warehousing, Pool Distribution

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You need to get across town fast.

With no car, your choices are public transport or a cab.

Of course you want to take a cab.  But the wallet’s a little thin, so maybe a bus is the way to go.

But hold on.  What if you could share an air-conditioned cab ride with a few others who are also headed across town, and pay the same as the cost of a bus ride?

Welcome to pool distribution: direct car service for a mass transit price.

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Benefits of Pool Distribution for Refrigerated LTL

Sep 17, 2014 / by Connie Anderson posted in Refrigerated Trucking, LTL, Pool Distribution


Companies with temperature-sensitive freight that don’t have the volume to ship direct, full truckloads must rely on a limited number of refrigerated LTL carriers.  Because demand exceeds freight capacity, particularly in the chilled and frozen category, freight costs are high. 

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