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Select an Asset-Based Carrier for Drayage to Speed Distribution

Mar 29, 2024 / by Weber Logistics posted in 3PL Outsourcing, Drayage, Distribution, supply chain cycle time

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Some companies will choose to have their ocean carrier perform “port-to-door” drayage services. While this approach may be convenient, it can also be detrimental to your port-to-market distribution speed as it’s easy to become a small fish in a big ocean carrier pond.  You are likely not a priority shipper to the steamship line, and your containers won’t be their first priority – especially in peak periods.   When you choose the right asset-based carrier for drayage, its assets are as good as yours.

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How can we overcome the current supply chain disruptions?

Oct 28, 2021 / by Jerry Critchfield posted in Southern California Ports, Port Logistics, Drayage, supply chain cycle time


As we approach the holiday season, the supply chain disruptions that have plagued most of the world for the better part of two years have gone from industry news to front-page news. And everybody has the same question: how are we going to get the supply chain back on track? From what we know and see as a third-party logistics provider, the solutions won’t happen overnight, but they may be far-reaching enough to prevent a crisis like this from happening again in the future.

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How 3PLs can help you create a more efficient CPG supply chain

Oct 24, 2019 / by Curtis Millican posted in Public Warehousing, Shared Warehousing, Third Party Logistics, Logistics Technology, 3PL Outsourcing, Labor issues, supply chain cycle time


For consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies, efficiency is the name of the game. Your online customers expect faster delivery, while your retailer KPIs continue to multiply and grow in importance. Understandably, many CPG companies struggle to keep up with these increasing demands. In this article, we’ll examine where many companies are falling short, and show you how third-party logistics providers (3PLs) can be invaluable allies in overcoming CPG supply chain inefficiencies.

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New Enhancements Aim to Speed Container Drayage at Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports

Sep 12, 2019 / by Jerry Critchfield posted in Southern California Ports, Drayage, supply chain cycle time, logistics in California


If you’ve been following operations at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in recent years, the trend looks something like this: the Ports continually break new volume records, truck turn times remain high, and officials vow to speed things up.  The calls for speed reached a fever pitch in Q1 of this year as freight piled up at the Ports in the wake of U.S.-China tariff announcements.  Fortunately for shippers, enhancements are in place to speed container drayage in Los Angeles and Long Beach now and in the future.

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FROM PORT TO MARKET: How to Speed Distribution of Asian Imports to West Coast Ports

Aug 23, 2018 / by Weber Logistics posted in Southern California Ports, West Coast Distribution, Port Logistics, Third Party Logistics, west coast warehouses, 3PL Outsourcing, Drayage, Northern California 3PL, Warehouse, supply chain cycle time


There’s a new supply chain mantra in the post-Amazon era, and that mantra is SPEED.

Whether you are delivering to retailers or consumers, or both, customers want products faster in a more predictable time window.

If you import from Asia, your company has made a strategic decision to lengthen its supply chain to lower actual product costs. While you can’t control this decision, you can control how goods are transported and what happens once a container hits U.S. shores. It’s here that you can make a real difference to your company’s financial health by reducing supply chain cycle time and shrinking the cash cycle.

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