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What is inventory postponement in the supply chain?

Jan 18, 2024 / by Maurice Joseph posted in Warehouse operations, Inventory Control, Flexible Logistics, Agile 3PL

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We all know that speed is a key part of supply chain efficiency. It may seem counterintuitive that a service with “postponement” in its name could increase speed and efficiency, but it can. We’re talking about inventory postponement and, in this article, we’ll explain what it is, what its benefits are, and how to find a provider that can handle it for your supply chain.

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What Does an Agile 3PL Look Like?

Sep 15, 2023 / by Weber Logistics posted in 3PL, 3PL Outsourcing, Flexible Logistics, Agile 3PL


The recent Weber Logistics eBook,Supply Chain Agility: The New Logistics Superpower, describes the importance of having an agile 3PL partner that can anticipate disruptions and help you meet them head on. This ready-for-anything approach to logistics can keep your business responsive to changing markets and customer needs.

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Rely on omnichannel distribution from a 3PL warehouse

Aug 29, 2023 / by Arlene M. Slivka posted in Vendor Compliance, 3PL Outsourcing, eCommerce Fulfillment, Multi Channel Fulfillment, Fulfillment B2C, retail, Agile 3PL


To maximize sales revenue, brands often need to keep two sets of customers happy. Retail partners require compliance with their rigid vendor requirements. And eCommerce customers want their orders delivered fast and error free.

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Top-100 3PL, Weber Logistics, Supports Growth with Agile Supply Chain Solutions

Jul 13, 2023 / by Weber Logistics posted in weber logistics news, Agile 3PL


Weber Logistics has been named to Inbound Logistics’ 2023 list of the top 100 3PL providers. Weber, a provider of integrated, agile supply chain solutions, was selected out of a pool of hundreds of US 3PL companies. This is the third time that Weber has received this honor in recent years.

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Agile supply chain solutions: 5 3PL characteristics to look for

Jan 5, 2023 / by Gary Kendle posted in 3PL Outsourcing, Agile 3PL


Volatile supply chains demand agile supply chain solutions, whereby your logistics operations adapt to market changes as they happen. 3PLs can be key enablers of more agile, resilient distribution operations. In this article, we’ve identified 5 traits that help set truly agile 3PLs apart from the competition.

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